Tuesday, March 3, 2009

13 Feb 2009

3rd and last day in Hluluwe Park, breakfast under the sun in our "Safari Tent"

1st catch of the day : a dung beetle by "dung rolling school"

Like each day a Zebra picture :-) this one with a nice bart !

View from Hluluwe Park under the sun

Some blond warthogs :-)

a green snake, but fortunately no green Mamba :-)

Again a highlight for us, a chameleon crossing the path in front of us

A buffalo at the 'beauty farm' taking a relaxing mud bath

This baboon looks like he forgot something and tryed to remind where it is :-)
Typical trees in the south-african landscape

After these 3 days in Hluluwe, we saw 4 from the Big 5, leopard was still missing
But still 6 days to go in South Africa and the chance to see a leopard is still there !
Back to St-Lucia, driving carefully, you may encounter big animals crossing the road...

We spent the evening (and a part of the night) in a local pub, the Babooshka bistro in St-Lucia (recommended by our guesthouse) : excellent food, nice wine and after that live concert we enjoyed with the local people, excellent :-)

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