Monday, March 2, 2009

12 Feb 2009

2nd day in Hluluwe-Imfolozi Park. Just before leaving the camp, we spotted a laughing zebra

And after that we could understand why he was laughing...(respect)

On a water point the 'turtle island'

a Zebra with 2 heads and 5 feet ? Was the sun too strong on our heads ? :-)

A typical scene : a red-billed oxpecker cleaning a giraffe's head

For the lunch we made a stop in the 'Centenary Centre' in the park for lunch. Some bats were watching us, eating our Ostrich pita...

A zebra again, this time with nice warm colors in the background

A old male, very nice and gentle, walking on the road and eating

Again we were at the right place at the right time...Quite unusual picture...

After that the male was making his colleague jealous and threw his tongue :-)

One highlight after the other : in front of us a group of elephants crossed the road.
Adults, babies at impressive speed, 1 minute and they went away. 1 magic minute...

On our way back to the camp, some nice buffalos

we booked a 'night drive'at 6PM. we had to be at the camp's reception at 5:50PM, but then...
A old lonely male stayed in front of us. This one is one of the 'bad boys' of this reserve.
A couple of times each year these old male are really charging the cars.
We kept a sufficient distance to the elephant to avoid any problem...

But not all the people are so clever...and this is waht happens when you don't make the road free for one of this old male...2 seconds later and the car was demolished by the elephant...
The elphant stayed more than 30min on the road, fortunately some rangers who were in a 4x4 behind us informed their collagues that we were stucked and they waited for us...
Night drive gave us some nice surprises : a porcupine and plenty of bush rabbits !

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  1. die tiere einfach super...ihr habt toooooooooooolle Fotos da...:)))